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We currently offer volunteering opportunies for
the Countryside Class. We ask for a minimal commitment of three months. To apply you need to send us your CV and an outline of the program you propose to deliver to the school. Any topic which will expand the students' horizons beyond their very local experience would be great. Examples could be workshops about geography, foreign cultures, performing arts, creative writing and story telling. But anything useful you could provide will be considered.

You will cover your own costs, however Seed will not ask for any further financial contribution from you.


teacher training

As a special volunteering project, we are looking for a qualified English teacher and/or Librarian to train the Countryside Class local staff.

A minimum commitment of six weeks will be required, however a slightly longer duration (up to two or three months) would be ideal.

The objective is not to improve the teachers' English skills, but their teaching skills.

Please send us your CV and tell us why you are interested in this opportunity.


how you could help us spreading the word

Here a few ideas how you could draw people's attention to Seed's work:

  • Send your friends and famliy an email including the link to Seed's website

  • You can support Seed by displaying our leaflet at your workplace or business. Please contact us here if you are interested.

  • You could organise a fundraiser event such as a charity run, a concert or a garage sale for the benefit of our projects. Contact us here if you are interested and we will send you information material and leaflets. 

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