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libraries for all!

Imagine as a child you would have never heard a story or read a book. Do you remember how you read yourself into a different world, discovering amazing things, every new chapter a new adventure? 

This experience is absolutely crucial in the development of young lives, slowly transforming young people into knowing, confident adolescents and adults.

Our libraries do not only provide books and other learning material, they also function as a safe place for kids to retreat, socialize, play, learn, and read in a country where there are hardly any such places.

Our libraries are run and maintained by paid staff, who very actively stimulate the children to actually sit down and read, help with homework, and also organize workshops and all kinds of other activities to attract as many kids to the libraries as they possibly can.

The libraries are built, they are in okay shape, but their maintenance costs money. Replenishment of books, wages, cost of workshops and special events, it all adds up.

The libraries are achieving so much for these underprivileged children, and we must keep them running full steam ahead!

This is why we are asking for your support and donations.

Without you, we could not continue the great work our libraries are doing!

countryside class library, battambang

Battambang is a rather big city, where a significant number of children do not have access to proper education. Seed supports a privately run little school called Countryside Class, you will find more information about this project on this website.

The school's vision is to support the education with a proper library, which provides more ways of studying, through reference books and audio visual aids. There is a story telling corner and regular creative writing workshops. This is a huge leap forward not only for the students, as the school shares the resources with the entire community. The library has a nice collection of English and Cambodian books and board games. ​

The library also offers activities in arts and crafts. Fine arts provides learners with non-academic benefits such as promoting self-esteem, motivation, aesthetic awareness, cultural exposure, creativity, improved emotional expression,
as well as social harmony and appreciation of diversity.

primary school library, bech khlok

In early 2017, during the second phase of the construction of the school building, a well equipped library was also established. To have a library in a primary school in Cambodia is extraordinary, and to have one in a school in a remote settlement near the jungle is amazing! This fact was duly mentioned and praised by representatives of the Cambodian Ministry of Education when the school was opened.


Through the library, we want to inspire the children to discover the joy of reading, imagination and learning. But just as in the Countryside Class library, this Bech Khlok library offers so much more than just books!

It is an important meeting point for all children in the wider area. They can read and hear exciting stories, play, do homework, tinker and much much more!

For these children, living in dire circumstances with no distraction from daily hardship, the library is an oasis of peace and a welcome escape into a different world, if even for just a couple of hours.


To utilize this library optimally, one further Cambodian Project Manager will start working for Seed starting 2018.

His tasks will include the advancement of the reading competencies through the organization of activities in the library. If the interest is there, we will also start literacy courses for adults.


The assortment of books and games will be expanded whenever our financial status allows it.

We believe in the power of books to transform children's lives!
Please help us to do so

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