October 25, 2017

August 29, 2017

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We are going to build a school!

January 17, 2016

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Big smiles all around!

April 4, 2018


Since January 2018, Heang Ho (our trusted companion and volunteer since Seed’s establishment), is now a permanently employed as our Project Manager. He is responsible for our project in Bech Khlok, but he also spends 1-2 days per week at the Countryside Class with Kim and her Team. 


Following Heang's regular presence in Bech Khlok, the school has developed into a village centre. He doesn't only teach English three days of the week, but he also looks after the library and regularly visits the families to whom we gave the water filters. In addition, he also always manages to organise activities for the village and put on the first Info evening on safe drinking water, environment and education. More should follow. With little resources, he is even transforming the school grounds into a garden and already planted the first 50 trees with the help of the students.


Because he visits a lot of families regularly, he sees whats happening in the village and reports back to us, when he sees something concerning. For example, recently he noticed that three young children would be alone at home during the day and sometimes at night. They even had to something make their own food. It turned out that the mother with her second husband often gambled and drank through the night. Heang reported this to the village head, who is now putting pressure on the parents as well as regularly controlling that the children situations improves. Of course we hope that we will soon see some results. The authorities unfortunately don't care when such things happen in remote villages, and we cannot take any further action for now. 


In the following pictures, you will be able to see the school in Bech Khlok and its surroundings which Heang is slowly turning into a inspiring village centre. 

This is the link to a short interview with two of our best students:




The young children that are often left alone at home 

 Heang and his school garden


 Info evening on environment, safe drinking water and education


Hygiene program at school 


 Regular clean-ups around the school and the village


 Teachers and villagers building a big entrance sign for the school


 English lessons and creative activities at the library



Thanks to a donation of laptops from Labdoo.org and our "Dootripper" Florian, the teachers, librarians and students of the countryside class now have unlimited access to computers. In the library, the laptop will be used to make an inventory of all the books. The children can use it to play educational games and the students can be taught how to use a computer. Especially happy are our teachers Heang and Seav Young, since they now have laptops to prepare school materials and do research.

Next week, the kids in the Bech Khlok library will also receive two iPads from Labdoo, and the teachers will get one laptop. This time Stefan Wolf and Tanja Flören were our "Dootrippers". Tanja, Stefan and Florian are members of the German Seed of Small Beginnings e.V association which was founded last year and had their first general meeting recently.


Seavyoung, our English teacher at the Countryside Class, finished her first Social Work training successfully. The training was organised for free by Anthony McCormick, a social worker from New Zealand. Heang Ho will do the same course in August this year. Later both of them will have the chance to attend further courses, also for free!


To finish with, a sweet story from Battambang. At the Countryside Class, Kim noticed a girl who has a cleft lip, which was operated on after her birth, but urgently needed correction. Kim contacted several organisations and thanks to the Handa hospital in Battambang, the German association "Kleine Hilfsaktion e.V." and the Operation Smile organisation, Seavmey was operated on last week in Phnom Penh. Two more operations will follow, after which Seavmey will hopefully be able to smile like all the other kids again.

Seavmey after the first of three surgeries


Please help us to continue to giving children hope for a better future and reasons to laugh every day. We are really reliant on your help!!


This link brings you to the end of year financial report of 2017. On this you can see in detail how we spent our donations in the past year.




The German and the Swiss association are tax exempt and you can deduct your donations from your taxes. 


Thanks and until next time! Andrea


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