the countryside class

In Kampongseyma Village on the outskirts of Battambang, Cambodia lies a quaint little school called
The Countryside Class.
It was started by the local tuk tuk driver Sambath, setting up makeshift desks and a chalkboard under his own family house (many houses in Cambodia are raised on stilts due to flooding). It started with only 10 students, taught by Sambath and his brother Sambon on a voluntary basis.
Now, within four years ….

There are more than 80 students!
Many children in the Cambodian public education system have lost their interest in learning. The Countryside Class has kindled those children's enthusiasm for extracurricular activities such as English, Arts and Traditional Dance.

Furthermore, The Countryside Class organises together with the students events in the community to increase awareness of environmental protection. Our partner is Plastic Free Cambodia, an organisation, which provides education and workshops on the effects of plastic over-consumption in Cambodia and the world.


the countryside class library

The students need more resources to advance their English speaking capabilities. The school's vision is to help the students improve their education with a proper library, which provides more ways of studying, through reference books and audio visual aids. Among others, the librarian is regularly organizing a story telling corner and creative writing workshops. This is a huge leap forward not only for the students but the whole community, as the school shares the resources with the entire community. The library has a nice collection of English and Cambodian books and board games. 

Since it is not included in the Cambodian public school curriculum, the library offers also activities in arts and crafts. Fine arts provides learners with non-academic benefits such as promoting self-esteem, motivation, aesthetic awareness, cultural exposure, creativity, improved emotional expression, as well as social harmony and appreciation of diversity.

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Since their families cannot afford the $1.00 per month fee many attend the school for free. The money that does come in is set aside to help pay for special events.
The school now has three part-time teachers and two librarians, two classrooms and a beautiful new library for the school and the community.
Much of this expansion has been possible due to some financial support from a French organisation called Avenir Pour l’Enfance, Seed and individual donations from Malaysia, Singapore and the USA.

Seed covers the running costs of the school and library inclusive all part-time salaries of its Cambodian staff.


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The following video was created in 2015 and shows English lessons, activities with volunteers, construction and opening of the library and a rehearsal of the Traditional Dance Class.


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