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Seed Farming Project


The number of families who can barely keep their heads above water has unfortunately increased significantly since the pandemic years. We were looking for a solution that would sustainably improve the economic situation of these families and decided on the farming project.

Since chicken farming is relatively cheap, we chose a family that wanted to participate in this project. Together we built a chicken enclosure and handed over the first chickens to the family. The project went very well in the beginning, but unfortunately a disease in the second year killed a large part of the chicken population. We have therefore stopped this project for the time being but will continue as soon as we have found a solution to this problem, which is unfortunately quite common in Cambodia. 

In July 2022, the first three needy families received a pregnant cow and the funds to build a shelter. The first calf is for the family to keep and sell later if they wish. The second calf belongs to Seed and is passed on by us to another needy family. This continues until the mother cow no longer calves. 


If you are interested in financially participating in this project, please contact us here.

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