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Seed WASH Programme

water, sanitation hygiene

Seed's WASH program (water, sanitation, hygiene) has six components:

  • Provision of safe and adequate water supply

  • Provision of toilet and handwashing facilities

  • Environmental sanitation and solid waste management

  • Food sanitation

  • Deworming

  • Hygiene and sanitation education


Lack of access to adequate water supply, insufficient toilet and proper handwashing facilities, and non-practice of hygiene behavior remain key contributors to hygiene and sanitation challenges. This situation also leads to a lot of the children in the villages often being sick, as well as stunted physical and mental development, which consequently impede a child’s learning and ability to stay in school.


Bech Khlok village, like many other villages in the Cambodian countryside, has a significant shortage of clean drinking water. The main sources of water for the villagers are man-made ponds or other ways to collect rainwater, but this is only possible during the rainy season. The water, which is normally used for drinking, cooking or washing, is contaminated with dangerous bacteria.

To aid in fixing this problem we first built toilets and hand wash facilities, installed rain water tanks and biosand filters at Bech Khlok's primary school and kindergarten. Later, Seed provided Biosand water filters and rainwater tanks for a small contribution to families of the village. However, before receiving the water filters, the families had to attend our trainings on how to use them, similar to the talks we organized to educate the villagers about safe and clean water. Through these we are hoping that we can ensure long term use of the filters.

Our next target is to help the families building their own toilets. Depending on the financial situation, we will decide, how much support each family gets and how much they have to contribute by themselves.

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