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More children and adolescents today are enrolled in pre-primary, primary and secondary education than ever before.

Yet, for many of them, schooling does not lead to learning .

A lack of trained teachers, inadequate learning materials, makeshift classes and poor sanitation facilities make learning difficult for many children. Others come to school too hungry, sick or exhausted from work or household tasks to benefit from their lessons.  (by unicef)

seed's holistic approach to problem solving:
lack of well trained teachers
our response >
  • Teacher training/workshops

  • Educate the community about the options they have to fight for their children’s right to a good education

  • With our catch-up program we provide after school lessons (English, Khmer, Math) to review and deepen the subjects

unsuitable school facilities and inadequate learning materials
our response >
  • Improving existing school facilities, adding classrooms and libraries, creating child friendly school grounds

  • Providing learning materials

  • Educational support with a library that provides more ways of studying. Organising activities to encourage children to read and write

our response >
  • WASH program (water, sanitation and hygiene) for students and parents

  • Installing water tanks, water filters and toilets

  • Regular distribution of deworming tablets

  • Nutrition program at school

  • School garden

  • Emergency help (food, medical care)

  • Longterm: Improving the economy situation of the families (farming projects and more)

early drop-out from school
our response >
  • With a kindergarten for the youngest we relieve older siblings from baby-sitting while parents are working

  • Bicycles for students living far away from school

  • With a library and catch-up program we ensure that all students can read and write fluently by the end of primary school

  • Support program for secondary and high school students

  • Educate parents about the danger of small loans (dept trap), which often leads to their children dropping out of school to support the family

a day at the seed kindergarten in bech khlok

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