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The children in our target region are often malnourished and neglected, many parents are illiterate, and poverty is very high. To ensure that the children receive a good education and have a chance to find their way out of poverty, much more than a new school building is needed.

With a holistic concept, we are ensuring that this goal is achieved. 

seed's holistic approach to problem solving:
lack of well trained teachers
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  • Teacher training/workshops

  • With our catch-up program we provide after school lessons (English, Khmer, Math) to review and deepen the subjects

  • Close cooperation with the authorities; our educational programme is a private-public cooperation. The primary school is run by the state and Seed is responsible for the kindergarten, after school lessons, English lessons, the library and the school garden.

  • As the primary school teachers do not speak English, but English lessons are included in the state curriculum from primary school level 4, we have taken on this task. A good command of English is essential for studying at university and is also a requirement for some vocational training programmes.

unsuitable school facilities and inadequate learning materials
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  • Improving existing school facilities, adding classrooms and libraries, creating child friendly school grounds

  • Providing learning materials

  • Educational support with a library that provides more ways of studying. Organising activities to encourage children to read and write

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  • WASH program (water, sanitation and hygiene) for students and parents

  • Installing water tanks, water filters and toilets

  • Regular distribution of deworming tablets

  • Nutrition program at school with lunch, healthy snack and school garden

  • Emergency help (food, medical care)

  • Longterm: Improving the economy situation of the families with farming projects in cooperation with partners

early drop-out from school
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  • With a kindergarten for the youngest we relieve older siblings from baby-sitting while parents are working

  • Bicycles for students living far away from school

  • With a library and catch-up program we ensure that all students can read and write fluently by the end of primary school

  • Support program for secondary and high school students

  • Parent meetings

a day at the seed kindergarten in bech khlok

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