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currently around           children and dozens of families profit from our support!


outputs and activities

Since the construction of the first school building in Bech Khlok in 2015, we have expanded the school continuously with additional classrooms, a large library, a kindergarten, accommodation for public school teachers, a small kitchen, various sanitary facilities, water tanks and solar panels, a great playground and a school garden.

However, we did not just concentrate on building the school. We have also ensured that the quality of teaching has continuously improved since then, that gaps in the state curriculum are closed with additional lessons and that older pupils can transfer to lower and upper secondary school.

Together with the financial support of a Cambodian community in Australia, we have improved the road to Koas Krala so that pupils can attend the secondary school there. We provide school materials, transport, extra lessons (English and IT), meals and accommodation. We also organise educational trips and workshops on age-appropriate topics.

We have made a significant contribution to improving children’s health conditions through our lunch programme for the most in need primary school pupils, a balanced meal for the kindergarten children, water tanks and water filters for families, a great deal of educational work and help in emergencies.

At both target schools, we organised a series of educational presentations on hygiene, health and environmental issues and planted over 200 trees around the school grounds.


(as of June 2024)
Of the 75 families living in Bech Khlok, Mong Ruessei district and the 211 families living in Arai, Koas Krala district:

  • 64 pupils attend public primary school Bech Khlok, built by Seed, run by the government

  • 97 children attend the public primary school in Arai, built by a Japanese foundation

  • 36 children attend the kindergarten in Bech Khlok, run by Seed

  • 27 students attend lower and upper secondary school with support from Seed 

  • 167 students attend our English classes (grade 1-12) and 10 are currently taking Math and Khmer extra classes, many more during school holidays

  • 65 kindergartners and primary school students receive a healthy meal daily

  • 24 families received a water tank and filter

  • 3 families participate in the cow project

  • Dozens of children received bicycles, helmets, school uniforms, school supplies, hygiene items and much more.

We have been supporting Bech Khlok since 2015 and Arai since 2022.

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