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These projects will only achieve their objectives with your kind support. We hope that you find our initiatives worthwhile, and your donations are highly appreciated and contribute directly to the sustainable improvement of life conditions for some of the poorest communities in Cambodia.

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Seed of Small Beginnings is a registered Swiss/German non-profit 
association made up entirely 
of volunteers.

100% of your donation goes directly to our projects in Cambodia. All Seed board members are volunteers who do not receive any salaries or wages.




Small is beautiful. Seed of Small Beginnings is dedicated to changing lives in Cambodia through creating sustainable communities.

During her stay in Cambodia in February 2015, Andrea started a blog about her activities there. This blog has since been regularly updated with any news about the projects.

You will also find a good summary of our activities and projects in our latest Seed Annual Report. Please click here to see the document.

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the people of bech khlok

Providing sustainable support in near-jungle settlements. 

Too difficult? Too remote? Too expensive?
This will change your views completely! Read here about what can be achieved if volunteers and local community work hand-in-hand!! More ...

our projects
the countryside class

This is why it is called "small beginnings". Find out why Seed only supports Projects that had already been initiated by locals, and the power of dedication and hard work!! More ...

safe water project

Imagine this is your only source of water. It is the harsh reality for the families of Bech Khlok. Check out the way we are helping them. More ...

libraries for all!

Kids need stories!

This project is all about reading and growth.

Read more and find out how Seed is transforming young lives by using the power of imagination! More ...

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